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This festival is famous in India. Vijaydashmi is also known as dussehra. Indians are celebrated very coloursful type. Dusain is major Hindu religion festival  celebrated  at end. 


This festival is a thing of good or bad. And truthful and reality. This festival history is ram and ravana. This festival is a tenth day of navratri, this festival is commorate and  victory of Lord Rama over and the ravana. Lord was believed in the lord Vishnu. They were devotee of the path of lord Rama. In Hindu religion they believed on the God and lord Vishnu is the God. 

this festival famous legend Rama, Sita, lord Shiva, ravana. Behind this festival history we are knows to very important to know about this festival. 
Ramayana was unfold legendary  lord Rama he beloved wife Sita. Who was abducted the king of Lanka that was the ravana.

Rama and lakhmana was the brothers they both brothers love her and Rama wanted to marry her. Because Rama was the younger brother. Any one had to marry but lakhmana was in refused and both wanted to kill her. This love story was abducted to ravana l. Ravana had thought why will I not kidnapped Sita and lakhmana in anger they cut his ear and nose. Rama and lakhmana was fought in battle in Lanka then lord hanuman and monkeys was helped both brothers.



In Hindu religion dussehra festival was related to mahabharta. Mahabharta was the story of five Pandavas brothers. They love each other and they can do everything for his brothers. Pandavas brothers Worshiped tree. Pandavas brothers had a many enemies killed Pandavas brothers. Because Pandavas worship the tree and they are legend to memorize at the same time  dussehra festival. 


In India is different of to celebrate his festival just like of dussehra is celebrating in different states and district in different ways. This festival is celebrated different regions. 


Dussehra celebrate in North India.

Dussehra is celebrating normally flaming ravana, meghnata and kumbhkarna

Diwali images .




































Diwali 2019. | dusshera and diwali images.| diwali 2019 in india | diwali 2019 holidays| when is diwali 2019.


Diwali 2019. | dusshera and diwali images.| diwali 2019 in india | diwali 2019 holidays| when is diwali 2019.

diwali is the famous festival of india its a largest festival in india.diwali is also called deepavali.diwali is the five day festival in india. the festival begin from dhanteras and last bhaiya dooj.the festival started in maharastra before one days gowasta dwadashi.In gujrat its will started two days before agyaras and end in labh panchami. In fives  days the person are worshipped  goddess lakhshmi during the deepavali puja.diwali festival is done for families its for only most hindu traditional offical,buissnessmen.

this is unexepensive festival in the india beacause we know in india every festival expensives
this years the festivals are celebrated on  27th october .this is the also expensive festival. 

In Diwali days the mans are worshipped ink bottle and pen. Those are called davat and lekhani. When the man are purchase new book that’s are called bahi – khate this are sanctified by worshipped goddess saraswati.

The important thing of Diwali puja is after sunset is pradosh in the important time period for worshipped. At the same day Diwali puja amavasya tirthi

In the Diwali  festival the Hindu person are fire the crackers and burn. The crackers are not important to fire because this festival is to enjoy and loving.
The festival are also called festival of light festival.



Tamil Nadu :—- Last minute private bus fares to cost dear amid Diwali rush diwali, diwali 2019, diwali in 2019, diwali 2019 date, diwali 2019 date in india calendar, when is diwali in 2019, when is diwali in year 2019, diwali 2019 date in india, diwali date 2019, diwali festival 2019, diwali festival date, diwali holidays, diwali 2019 holidays Diwali 2019 Date: This year it will be celebrated on October 27. Diwali 2019 Date in India Calendar: Diwali, one of the most prominent festivals celebrated in India, indicates the triumph of light over darkness, of good over evil. This year it will be celebrated on October 27.The festival of lights is observed on the day of ‘Amavasya’ or new moon, the 15th day of Kartik, according to the Hindi calendar. Starting at the end of the cropping season, it is often associated with wealth and happiness.


diwali will be celebrated in this year’s on 27 October 2019(Sunday)


In the ancient era there was many legends persons were present. Some was believed to marriage of lakhshmi. Lord Vishnu was believed to other and they were birthday of lakhshmi. That day most widespread  believed in Diwali.

When the lakhman and rama had to come in ayodhya after 14 years  exile long to the kingdom. To the joy  to return their king and the ayodhya. The people of ayodhya was very happy and they in the joy moments their person in this moment the people was fire a 18th diyas. In this day was called festival of light. 

According to mythology, Diwali has been referred to as Deepapratipadutsava in the seventh century Sanskrit play Nagananda, in which newlywed couples were gifted lamps and other things in remembrance of Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi’s marriage.

It has been referred to as Dipamalika in the ninth century work of the poet Rajashekhar, where traditions of homes being cleaned and decorated with lights are mentioned. There is also mention of the festival in Persian traveller and historian Al- Biruni’s 11th century memoir on India.

Today, many celebrate it in remembrance of the return of Lord Rama and Sita after 14 years of exile, while others honour the return of Pandavas after 12 years of vanvas and a year of agyatvas.

The festival, according to a popular legend, is also associated with the story of Yama and Nachiketa on Kartika amavasya — one that narrates the tale of true wealth, knowledge and right versus wrong. It is also one of the reasons why Diwali is celebrated as the festival of prosperity, wisdom and light.


diwali is mainly celebrated in hindu religions and some  sikh and crishtion celebrated this festival
diwali is  also celebrated in india and other country because indians are living in whole world like a canada, chaina, pakistan , nepal, bhutan and other country. A man can do the evereything like a time periods and time to time apperance maintain to facility . diwali festival is also amazine to its deffrences.

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This year’s milad un Nabi 2019 will begin on Saturday 9 November and ends evening 10 November on Sunday.



  1. Eid – milad – un – Nabi is also known as milad – un-Nabi and brafat(12 rabi ul awal). it’s  observed in the whole country November 9.


    • Milad – un-Nabi  history in Islam. 

    In the Islam prophet Muhammad was born in 12th day of rabi – ul-awwal in mecca in 570 century. This is the third month of Islamic calendar. Prophet Muhammad birth anniversary in 12 rabi ul awal. 

     How was the day of this day.

    On this day the parents are ready to his child and speak about prophet Muhammad and the head of this member they also speech about prophet Muhammad. 

    In this day there was gathering in the road and his area. The rich family are also donate the poor family. And also donated charity and others. Consider an important  an aspect of Eid -milad – un-Nabi. 

    In this day prophet Muhammad was chosen a successor hazrat Ali. On the other hand sunni community was pray meeting for throughout. Shia community believes the hazrat Ali. 


    Several countries are celebrating their country, state and city, home they are decorating. It’s an important to teaching of the holy prophet. It’s considered compassion Muslim across of holiday. 

    How milad un Nabi celebrated in India. 



    In jammu and kashmir there is a hazratbal  shrine in long-night prayer every year. There is huge rush person in every year. 

    Hyderabad is the also large Muslims community city there is many Muslim are living. There is also like other country Muslim thing. In this city are attracting for any people. There is special festivals, religious meetings, rallies its amazing city in India. 

    Lucknow  is the famous in for Muslim religion because there is a many different mosque, Madarsa, Muslim girls school, Muslim boy school, imam bada etc. Islamia school, lalbagh, Amina bad park,chowk mandi, juloos-e-madhe-sahaba the celebration of Eid Milad un Nabi from surveillance under drone camera and maintain everything.

    Mumbai is also huge Muslims community are available there is area dongri, bhendi bazaar, nagpada, pydohi, and bycUlla etc are celebrated Eid Milad un Nabi in every area and there are decorated street and their home. 

Guru nanak Jayanti.


Guru nanaka birthday.

Guru nanaka sahib was born in  talwandi district shekhpura  (present in Pakistan). Now nanaka sahib presents guru dwara in Pakistan.

The man are celebrating this day guru nanaka guruperb. It’s a amazing festival in india that day all the market, shop, government sector was closed. Gurunanaka birthday normally in November purnamasi day the month of Kartika.

History of guru nanaka.

Guru nanaka sahib was thought about his religion, he was mix Islamic and Hindu both cultures. And make a new religion Sikhs. Guru nanak was born 40 miles from Lahore modern day  Pakistan in 1469.

Sikh guruparva is celebrated the main festival in all over India. This is the festival of sacred in sikh community. At notably shrine (guru dwara). Guru nanaka sahib father name was Kalu and mother name was tripta. Both names are called gurudwara janam aasthan.

In Pakistan

In a public holiday for Pakistan on 28 may 2014 in Pakistan assembly mpa Ramesh singh Arora the birthday of guru nanaka sahib 2014 onward. In Pakistan there is no any public holyday.

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Gurunanak guruperb also known as guru nanaka Prakash utsav and guru Jayanti. It’s celebrated the first sikh guru and sindhi community. This is the one most sacred festival in sikh, shikim and sindhi.
Guru nanaka sahib birthday in Harman dir sahib complex amritsar.

Children’s day.


Children’s day in world.

This year children’s day  in whole world 14th August 2019 on Thursday. Children’s day celebrated whole world this main festival for child. This festival are celebrated many countries in many dates. This is known as the international children’s day. Those are two types cultural and commercial.

Children day begins in second Sunday in 1857 by Charles Leonard pastor. Leonard want to good service for children. Leonard means that rose day and other children day and later was called flowers day. Children day. Children day was the first officially national republic holiday in turkey in 1920.that the date of 23rd April,
Children’s day comes in the newspaper, media, in that day they were published and it’s an official day for child in the whole world. Those day children holiday the government was also be assigned this. This was justified and Clearyfy on the republic of turkey by Mustafa kamaal ataturk.


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Children day was on 1 June 1950. It’s on congress Moscow 4th November in 1949.
Major global holiday universal  children’s holiday in 1959 by the government of united nation. It is first proclaimed  by the United Kingdom 1954. That is observed to objective  outline charter of  welfare chart. Declaration of United nation of child  on 20 November 1959. The United nation convention  the child of the right of child on 20 November 1989. It can be found council of Europe.

By the world’s leaders stop spread hiv/aids by 2015. This is applied all people concerning primary objectives. In 2000 milliminiums development goal authorities. Children’s right was allowed in 1989 by the UNICEF. They protect their children’s and they didn’t want to do work
They want to good health care and education and help children and they protect their right. United nation want to be able every child goes to school and they compete their education. In 2000 ban ki moon genral secretary  against for child. This aim firstly was goal completed in 2015. The children communications skill develop and life is also change their life. And the respect him.


In the whole countries children’s are used to child labour and they are working on hotels and factories. In the global experience the child are abuse and violence, explosion, descriminition. The child labor are increasing day by day in the whole world. It immersed arms conflict living on the streets. The child are also suffering arms and religions there feelings effect war and they are also suffering conflicts physical and psychological.


Children day is not awareness on their moment . children’s are used in labourer in some countries. The children’s are used to religion, minority, or disabilities etc. Children feeling are effected war can be displaced can be used because arms dificilit and May suffer physical and psychological . the
following describe the terms. In the some countries they are used the children’s to ready the child soldiers and killing from them. Mamming of the ,attack on the school and hospital its killed by the humanities. Abduction of the children , and labourer of the children. In the whole world 154 million s children’s are forced to work in the labour maximum 5-14 years old children’s. The international labour are used in other country , the children are kidnapped in everyday in every countries.its shameless for whole world.
On the right convention. You can found the child in UNICEF.

Canada Co-chaired the whole world summit 1990 and 20002 child labor summit. It’s complete agenda of 1990 summit in the U. N submition. U.N secretary General was submition of the complete agenda in 1990. The United nation agency was complete the children submition in 90 percent population Childrens are working in laboring. In this year blues is asking  school and corparating. world  largest activities in the world to the children’s.
Why we celebrated children’s day. Pandit nehru before died  1964  India are celebrated children’s day in 2019. The children’s day observed in the  by the children’s day By the United nation.
Pandit nehru birth anniversary in this year in the whole India. Prime Minister pandit jawahar Lal nehru. Children’s day is the same day in  and bal diwas are same day. That day children across and enjoy a lot and they maintaining  the children’s are participle in the school and extra curriculum activities. Pandit nehru is called ‘chacha’. Because pandit nehru was loved him children’s.
Its popular reasons of pandit nehru.

Pandit nehru also want to called cha-cha because they love children’s in every moment and they want to be also helpful in the children’s. It’s special they loved children in the whole country. He was the freedom fighter and prime Minister of India Nad and he was always served for children’s in country. Before his death India was celebrated children’s day in whole country. Because he was gentle man. On this day teacher’s are gift the chocolate and other gift.

Pandit jawahar Lal nehru Said the when we will have they make a India  tomorrow. 

The way they bring up the country in the future. 

Chhath puja 2019.


Chhath puja in India 2019.



This year chhath puja in  Bihar will begin on Saturday 2 November and ends on Sunday 3 November.

In chhath puja in vedic of Hindu festival . its more specifically indian stats of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. In other country Nepal is the also known as chhath puja. The chhath puja will celebrate to  Sun and his wife Usha. This festival doesn’t  involve any idol worship. The chhath puja is  observed by Nepalese and indian people.

This Festival is mainly for Hindu but and some muslim are celebrating This festival in any State’s.

Chhath puja 2019.

This festival is also called some names example chhat parv, chhathi, chhath puja,
Dala chhath,Dala puja, Surya sasathi.this festival was observed by Indians people and Nepalese people, Maghai, methilis, Bhojpuri people,awadhi people.

History of chhath puja.

Its a ancient vedic text is Rigveda contain worship the sun god. The ritual also called sanskrit poem Mahabharata which Draupadi obserbving similar rites. Drupadi and Pandavas was the rular of Indraprastha (old Delhi). Its ritual  on the daumahiya . They was helped the Pandavas after some day they had lost the their kingdom.

It’s was yogic history and  the time of vedic. The Rishi of this method. Its an external energy directly sun rays.thid was done through the method of chhath. Its a story related to lord Rama. Its consider of lord Rama of aayodhya and Sita and Maithili . Lord son of Month of kartika  Shukla Prakash after returning of aayodhya. After 14 year’s of exile.

History of chhathi maiya.


The goddess who is worshipped is known as  famous chhath puja is called chhathi maiya. Chhathi maiya is also known as Usha in Vedas. She is the wife of Surya and the sun god. In India mithilanchal they also worshipped RANA MAI,.

Its a festival those worship in both raising in India sitting the sun.

In this festival is unique of Murti puja (idols worshipped). Just unlike of Hindu religion is called Murti puja. In this religion are fasting and abstaining from drinking water its long period of time and offering Prasad. Its sitting to araghya and raising sun. This Festival is eco-friendly in Hindu religion. This Festival is observed in madhesh(southern) Nepal and indian States of Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh etc. This Festival is also celebrateing in northern Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Uttara Khand etc.

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Sardar vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti.


biogrphy of sardar vallabh bhai patel.

Sardar Patel

sardar ballavbhai patel was born in 31 October 1875 and dead 15 December 1950. vallabhbhai patel was the  famous politician in india. he was the first deputy prime minister in india . he was popularly known was sardar patel. sardar patel was the leader of indian national congress and he also was fight for freedom of india . he was always great leader  in india .he was struggle for independents of india . he was called sardar that means “cheif” in hindu,urdu, parsian. he was the home minister of india and indo-pakistan war 1947.

patel was born in indian states of  side of gujrat .he was lawyer  of gujrat high court.patel was fight for indian indipendence .sardar patel was non violence person in the world. he was always think about  his country and they were maintain everything in india. he was  organaized  peaseant  in kheda , bardoli, borsad in gujrat in indipendence in gujrat against  britist raj. 

he was appointed 49th president of  indian national congress.he was promoting Quit india movement.
he was the first home minister of india and deputy prime minister of india. patel was the peaceful person in india and he refugee to punjab and delhi from pakistan  and worked for restore for peace. patel had 565 states of district in india patel in indian act 1947.

in india patel is called  iron man of india. he was also remember ”  patron  saint of  india civil services. he was also establish the modern all india  sevices. he was also called unifier of india and the statue of unity is the world tallest  statue in india. this  statue  was dedicated in 31st october in 2018. its is 182 mitre heiht.

 Vallabh bhai Patel
Vallabh bhai patel was called the name as well as in full name vallabhbhai jhaverbhai Patel Vallabhbhai patel was born 31 October 1875 nadiad Gujrat. Sardar patel was died in December 15, 1950 in Bombay (Mumbai). He was the great leader and serve the county in during of freedom. He was Barrister of Indian national congress. Sardar patel was struggling for independency and they were after 1947. He was serve the county and prime Minister of India.
Sardar patel early life. 


Sardar patel was born in landlords family he was caste of Leva patidar. He was the trenditional in Hinduism family.
He was completed his  child education karma sad and higher level education was completed at patlad. Patel was  challenging in the manner and police witness or British judges. In 1908 patel wife had dead. Patel wife was born  a daughter and a son. Patel traveled in London in 1910 At study in middle temple. Patel was pass  there and they was honor students. Patel  was appearing examination and he was pass. After completing his education
He came back in India. He had  come back in India February 1913. He was settled in Ahmedabad. Raising become
The  barriester in criminal law  at the bar his smart, English style cloths, and  his championship in Ahmedabad  in bridge at Ahmedabad fashionnable Gujrat  club. He was in 1917 indifference Indian politician activities.

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Bhai dooj image.


Bhai dooj. 

Bhai dooj 2019 in India. 

This year’s bhai dooj In India. will be held  October 29 in India.


Bhai dooj (bhaiya dooj) festival in india is the Hindu festival in india. This year bhai dooj festival will be held October 29 in India 2019. Bhaiya dooj let’s know the Rituals known as bhai dooj.
 BHAI DOOJ 2019.
bhai dooj the festival of india and this festival are celebrated by woman and they are praying God for their brother long life and the brother are gifted her sister. The festival are celebrated last day 5 days long from Diwali. This festival are celebrated last sukhla paksha in the Hindu month of Kartika.
According to hindu mythology after deafiting evil demon narakusara. Lord Krishna visit to his sister subhadra who gave him sweet and flowers for welcome him. Subhadra had tilaka for his brother in forehead because they were looking like king. In this day Yama God were visited  in subhadra house. Yama she put Tilak on her brother for head. Bhai dooj the festival of loving brothers and sisters. In this festival is made a specially dishes and special pray for brothers. Bhai dooj the festival of like rakhsha bhandhan. And the man are celebrating.
 history of bhai dooj festival in india. 
Bhai dooj the festival of significant straingth the affection between brothers and sisters. As the name suggests dwitiya tithi as the name of Hindu festival. Bhai dooj festival known as two name bhai dooj in Hindu mythology Bharati dwatiya. Those are more popular than after dipavali two days are celebrated and also known as bhai dooj.
Holi bhai dooj festival 2020 in India.
Holi bhai dooj festival is also known as dharma sindhu, Narayana sindhu and varatraj. It’s is also called bhai dooj festival. This festival is not mentioned in the bhai dooj festival. This festival bhai dooj is observed by the holika dahan.
The next day festival are celebrated rangwali holi festival.
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calendar of holi bhai dooj festival.
India is the land of festival and there Indian live alive colorful life because in in India every month festival has celebrated. As known as holi festival is also colorful festival in India. This time is bhai dooj festival in holi. This festival is specially for brothers and the next day they falls in the love bhai dooj festival. According to hindu mythology there are two bhai dooj festival one is in deepavali and second is after holi festival in india we celebrate every festival. Because we are living like a brother and sisters. In holi bhai dooj festival sisters are prayed for his brother to well life happen his and my brother are always live happy in any where. The sister are taking a thaali and they are fasting and eating sweet his brothers and the brother are gifted her sister. The brother are promised to protect his sister.
Bhai dooj festival is also known as many names like bhai beej, bhau beej, bhai dooj, bhai phota, bhaiya dooj etc. This festival is affectional festival festival brothers and sisters. The next day of month of Kartika. Diwali is the world’s famous festival. Last fifth day festival the will be started Kartika.
 Is bhai dooj festival is public festival. 
Yes this public holidays festival. In this festival all government sector are getting vocation and they are living in the room. But some private sectors are open because they are earning money and the serve the family because he has maintained everything.








Dhanteras is the an important festival in india. Dhanteras is also known as dhantrayodashi puja in India. Dhanteras festival comes in after five long days Diwali  festivals. Dhanteras is also known Dhantrayodashi and same goddess lakhshmi come in the ocean that the churning milky Sea. Goddess Laxmi talk to lord kubera. He was  God of wealth and worship them. Lakhshmi puja are celebrated on amawashiya after two days of dhantrayodashi. Is considered more common. 


In  Dhanteras the Laxmi puja and dhantrayodashi puja  same day it should be done in pradosh kaal. This is started after sunset the sun. After two hours. This is best mahurat to traveling for any where chogadiya puja is the good mahurat in Dhanteras festival. The best Laxmi puja. It happens in the parados kaal. And the same time sathir lagna. The man are saying about the Laxmi when we celebrated that time Laxmi has come in your house. 

Dhantrayodashi puja 2019.

In diwali festival  the most persons are doing puja during the vrisabha lagna  its consider to overlap with Pradosh kaal In diwali. In the Dhanteras puja we provide in the window. We provide Mahurat of pradoshi kaal and sathir lagna troyadashi prevelling  in the diwali festival. We are providing best location City in the India those are best timing and location. You are celebrating the festival there in whole India. Dhanteras puja is the best festival in India. In this festival comes subh Mahurat and the best thing.

Dhanteras festival 2019.


In India Many person known as Dhanteras puja is also known as dhantroyadashi. The same days this festival is observed by the dhanwantri  triodashi and dhanwantri jayanti.its birth anniversary of Ayurveda. The Dhanteras puja festival is comes from dhan means wealth which pripation thirteen day. On the occuring of Month Ashwin .


When 25 October 2019.

Dhanteras puja.

In the Dhanteras puja the woman are cooked sweets in the home. Dhanteras puja was linked from the story of king son of King Hima .he was pridict of death after marriage.

Significance of Dhanteras festival.

Dhanteras festival upset of  joyful mood of diwali. It’s awaited by everyone there is general gaiety and joy as deviline light . Previlin from everybody life Dhanteras festival spiritual abundance. Human bonding uniform people.Sathir means is fixed and its not moveable. if this festival will be held in sathir lagna in their maintenance.