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Karva chauth 2019.




karwa chuth the festival in india is very important for hindu religion. It is an important festival in hindu religion . india is the land of  festival , karva chauth is the festival of hindu  woman those are  married in hindu religion. its is fasting festival  in india .In India after marrige the woman are getting fasting for  his husband and the woman are praying for his husband and longtivity life. its is an important for marrige life, this festival.

karwa chauth 2019.

karwa chauth is the festival of the fasting the woman are taking fasting for his husband and she maintainig everything for the surprise for the his husbaand they maintin everypoint.
according to hindu mythlogy it has been in the same time the karwa chauth is the fasting in time. its a mythological,texts,shastras etc, the hindu festival are perform in the every festival and also india  is land of festival  in the world. The fasting is very important because  the woman are married those groom .she are promise them to she  living in 7th genration and the he came in the world  .she want to living a long time  in the his wife.

this festival comes in the month of kartika on krishna paksh chaturthii . This festival is karwa chhauth and the festival  is getting fasting in this month.This festival is helpfull to live a longlife in the proglaninging the their festival and the also  bring happiness in the life his family , nowadays  many unmarried girl are keeping fast in the to getting good good husband and also praying ,wishing good husband.This festival is celebrated in the whole country

This years karwa chauth in  17th October  on Thursday.

Karwa chauth this is may be vary.

This festival is celebrated in all over India and some States Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. It’s a mythological Hindu festival stories. This stylaclied . its annixuxly they woman  are praying for his husband. Spactle in themselves . After sighting of  and worshiping the moon. They are taking fasting.This is taking  fasting and loving romantic festival and they love with beetween husband and wife. The karwa chauth strats before sunrise at 4am and This festival is end after sunset. On this day woman’s are keeping karwa chauth and listening story , reading story that day and worshiping the lord Shiva .he had conserting link Parvati and lord Shiva This festival keeping fasting and fast 12 to 16 years old woman.

We are counsulting  our expert  astrologer  about their rituals.

Karvachauth date and Mahurat 2019.
Karwa chauth tithi begin 17th October
Karvachauth tithi end  18th October.

Karwa chauth day is also known as karak chatthurthi. in this festival is offering of the water was known as argha. Karwa is very significant during puja.it is also known as Dan and Brahmins and eligible the best woman.It’s a compare  to South Indian states. Karwa chauth is the famous in northern India. After four days of karwa chauth ahoi asthmi .

Valmiki Jayanti .


Valmiki jayanti 2019.


This year maharashi Valmiki jayanti will be celebrated 13th October on Sunday.It’s known as pragat diwas 2019 in India this May vary soon. Valmiki jayanti are celebrated the birth of Valmiki in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh. valmiki was the famous poet in  india those ware wrote a first poets in sanskrit litreture. maharshi valmiki is  the great poeter and he was a good man .  maharshi was the fan of  lord rama and he was reserches  on the birth of  lord  rama.

Is the public holiday of valmiki jayanti.

Its is festival is not public holiday its depend on the person which peson  are celebrated and which are not celebrated its is optional holiday .In the valmiki day the man is going to celebrated but some man are not celebrating that day the official man are going to work and some man not going its specially celebrated  in ujjain city in madhya pradesh. most offices and buissness man are open  those day but some are not. In India some festival are optional  and some are not optional in the india.deresing list of   the holiday are in india. valmiki jayanti are celebrated the  great author and famous  poeter  and as farther hindu mythology.

Before some years ago the valmiki jayanti are celebrated beetween 2014-2020.

India is a cultural festival in the world  and he observens in the goverment office and some sector.

some goverment  office are closed that day because in india is many festival in a year . In 365 days in  india  has maximum days festival   in india and india is  also called  land of festival. In india some festival are restricted in  goverment offices and celebrated. india is vast and cultural society ,its is  also finded in the world.  This dates festivals falls in the purnima (moon day in full) and its called purnamasi as the month of ashwini and the calender of month beetween september to  october .this  is the festival those comes in the month of its .Valmiki Jayanti is Observe in acclaimed  in the saint. This festival specially celebrated in the northern india . In the northern its is called prgat diwas.

During of valmiki jayanti. 

  • Valmiki jayanti is the respected festivalin india and this day people are paying respect  towards Saint and Poets.  valmiki jayanti are celebrated in the several places like village and towns in the whole country. This festival like the  amazing festival in the whole country because the  festival are not to pressure any one , its your desire if you want to celebrated and not.prayers are offering in their potrait in many places,hindu preist are worship and complete his rule and regulation.
  • In the whole country valmiki jayanti are celebrated to reactionist of ramayana and worship for lord rama. There are several temple are dedicated in the whole country to valmiki in india. In the whole country many  temples are decorated and singing a sons and listing bhajan,bhakti ,etc.


Maharshi Valmiki was also believe on the lord  Sri Rama because he wanted to define lord Sri Rama birth place, birth era  of lord Sri Rama . It’s a topic much debate in modern history. As per Sri Rama met Maharshi Valmiki as period time of exile and interacted him. Lord Rama were so excited that time and he was promised to lord Rama and I am big fann your. Lord Rama was born a twinschildren and also Ramayana was made twins brothers stories. Lord Rama were two sons lava and kusha .

 Early Life of  Maharshi Valmiki.

Maharshi Valmiki was early life decoit name Ratnakar. Those used to rob people and killing them. It’s believe the sage narada muni. valmiki has born in india and want made a good education system in india an its fact to the valmiki was doine everything in his carriers.and he was a intelligent man and he was honesty man.

 Maharshi Valmiki jayanti 2019 and 2020.

Maharishi Valmiki jayanti is Hindu holiday in India. It’s falls Hindu traditional in sometime September to October. its is the largest festival in India and the man are celebrating in the whole country because the federal festival are In Many temple. The next years valmiki jayanti festival  has celebrated very peacefully and maintains everything . Valmiki ji also a great poeter and  writer of sanskrit.

 Fact about Maharshi Valmiki temple.

The largest festival of Maharshi Valmiki jayanti situated in Thiruvanmayur in Chennai this was 1300 years old temple Rishi Valmiki rested at this location after pencilling Ramayana later on his . the temple was built in his name. india is the land of festival in india many cities and many temples in every town ,villages, and the whole country. In india is the largest country in the world and the many festival in this country because its a democracy country in the world and many religions are living together and celebrated all festival with all religions.

Maha saptami.


 Maha saptami 2019.


 When is maha saptami.

The Maha saptami are celebrated 7th day of Navratri festival. this festival is also such as a important festival and specially in India. This festival is also celebrated for Shukla Paksha .This festival is also celebrated 9th day of Durga Puja festival during this festival the man doing everything in the India. the festival are celebrated in the months of Chaitra and Shukla Paksha. According to english calendar this Festival are celebrated falls  March to April.

This is  singnificant of maha  saptami.

In this festival the Hindu religion are worship (puja) goddess  Durga and Laxmi. After nine days of Chaitra Navratri and worship for Navratri and prayers goddess Shakti. There’s are many different in the Durga and incarnation of Durga reviewed. During this festival celebrates in Maharashtra celebrated gudi padwa , Karnataka are celebrated Ugadi and Andhra Pradesh others States are celebrating Hindu New year festival.

what are the festival of maha saptami.

On the maha saptami festival the Hindu man are taking food on particular rule and regulation . This festival is ritual and sacred water and offering the worshipped goddess prayers to goddess Shakti. Maha saptami is  the festival of  in all over of the india this festival is also known as a durga puja.  Maha  saptami also known as durga puja and its and important  festival in  durga puja. this  festival is also maha puja and ( great ceremony) maha saptami. durga puja is the south asian  festival in india,durga puja is celebrated in maha saptami durga puja during the main durga puja in the maha saptami . durga puja in the buffallo mahishasura , mahishasura is the demon of durga mata .

The worls most danger mahishsharura their defeated any one either man or god because he was wise and clever those has .


STATES                   DATES                    TIMES                          TYPES

BIHAR               OCTOBER 5       6:00 A.M –  8:00 A.M          REGIONAL  HOLIDAY
JHARKHAND    OCTOBER 5     5:00 A.M –  8:00 A.M          REGIONAL  HOLIDAY
ORISSA                OCTOBER 5     6:00 A.M –  8:00 A.M           REGIONAL  HOLIDAY
WEST BENGAL  OCTOBER 5     5:00 A.M –  8:00 A.M           REGIONAL HOLIDAY
TRIPURA          OCTOBER 5        4:00 A.M –  8:00 A.M          REGIONAL HOLIDAY

Maha ashtami.



This year maha asthami on sunday ( रविवार) in 6th october 2019.

Maha asthami is celebrated in after two days of durga puja. This festival is also known as maha asthami and maha durga asthami . This is the an important festival  in india and its related to durga puja . Maha asthami  begins to mahasnan and shodshopchar puja ( षोडशोपचार पूजा ) . This festival is  also known as a largest festivalafter durga puja. maha  asthami has done in maha asthami and its called prana pratishtha   प्राण प्रतिष्ठा )   on maha asthami festival many durga shakti has come in the this festival those a large power in goddess durga puja.

Maha asthami 2019.


on the Maha asthami festival the youngest girls those are unmarried to celebrate this festival is also called kumari puja (younger puja) and many more. after nine days of durga puja are celebrated in the moment its a called kumari puja .kumari puja is also festival in the india. its not a  public holidays in india and some  person are celebrated this festival and or not. This festival is  also links  to durga navratri and durga puja in maha asthami festival ( kumari puja).

Maha asthami date and time.

In the maha asthami festival is important point of sandhi puja . its sandhi time is important time for any goddess and worshipper, preist, etc. maha asthami is a festival those are celebrated in india  and other country and the any festival also celebrated in the whole world. In this festival the also known as 10th form (mahavidyas) vira asthami. Vira means herorism and this festival durga also seen the beauty and their shakti . devine means the power of goddess and beauty.

Durga asthami significant.

In maha asthami festival  also fight the his (durga)   enemy mahishasura. Maahishasura is cruel devil in this land and he was killed many person . durga were killed them in the time  of durga puja and after ninth day the festival arise and man are celebrate in the moment. the durga puja of navratri festival on the eigth day of navratri festival. on the durga pua festival or durga asthami  and this stories of shared in your community , area ,village , city in your area kali appeared on the mother durga crushed and the kali puja. Mother durga crushed the chanda .munda and rakthbajia was the servants of mahisahshura.  In this day the offer worshipped to 64th yoginis and asthnayikish . its was incarnass of the festival and the power of shakti . during the durga puja was rituals and maintain the eight shakti .



How to celebrate durga asthami and what to do in this festival.

On this first we getup and ready to bath and goes to temple and perform goddess durga puja .
In This puja we to eighth pot and worshipped . Its ritual invoke ninth shakti of power of durga puja .
  • In the morning first we bath during the brahmamurat and wear a new cloth.
  • on this day red colored dupatta are important because that day those red dupatta are wearing the durga mata. and take ganges water in pot (kalash) mangoes leaves (aam) ,  roli , moli ,fresh grass (saaf ghass) , sandlewood (chandan ki lakdi) , coconut (nariyal) , grains ( gehun) , rice (chawal) , supari,betel leaves , coloves , cardomom , kumkum (virmillion) and gulal .

after the praying the puja kuumku,rice, flowers , roli, rice, grains, and diya.

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Information of  Bihar Board 10th Class Result 2020 Release Date .

In  the last year the results were publish in  in first week of May and May end of the week the exams will be  held from 1st week of March, About 17 lakh students maximum had appeared for the exams out of which in this exam  around half of  qualified in one  attempt, this year we expect the Bihar matric Result 2020 may  be available in second or third week of June 2020 which is subject to publish earlier or later and may change which is dependent on the Bihar school examination board, although we may let you know updates regarding the same, once it’s out you may also check through email/phone/SMS etc by following a mail and fb etc.The students must download a copy of their Class 10 marks score card for reference purpose. The results will also be published on the school notice board also. After announcement of results candidates can download the merit list and toppers list also from the official website :-

Finally the BSEB (Bihar School Examination Board) will soon declared the very awaited Class 10 results. The matric exams happened in the state in the first week of March this year. The sources say that it would be published in 2nd week of June. Around 15 lakhs students had appeared for the matric exam this year. Definitely the Bihar Board Result 2020 Matric display how much effort you in this during a year. But the examination is all about lucks and  hardworking and chance if you get good marks then its time to work hard again and again achieve your goal. Till now, there are no announcements on these sites related to Bihar 10th Results 2020. We will update Bihar school examination  board results websites date as soon as we know. Till then, check this my website:- https://www.everyviralover.com again and again. Always updated in  our website for latest updates.

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we have already said that results are not hosted by the official website but they share with its partner named ‘IndiaResults’ which provides name wise results, if you have forgotten your hall ticket or Roll code etc then you may simply enter your name or father’s name and list of students will be displayed [name wise / school wise] from which you can select one and proceed to check your Bihar school examination board , Bihar Board Matric Result in which you may  find your Roll Number, this is usually can be provided by the parents whose wards are away and they want to check performance of their ward in the 10th Results 2020. If the candidates loses theirs admit card or forgotton their registration number then they must check on the website about the Bihar Board matric Result 2020 Name Wise, BSEB 10th Result 2020 School Wise, Bihar Matric Result 2020 Roll Number Wise & BSEB Result 2020 District Wise etc.

Those Students who  has appeared for exams for BSEB 10th Result 2020 can take a deep breath. Bihar School Examination Board is expected to publish BSEB Matric Result 2020 in June 2nd week 2020. The state of Bihar had faced a number of controversies of exams cleared through unfair means. Those who have passed will be able to clear national level competitive exams as against those who had to pass because of cheating or other unfair means. At the day of Bihar Board Result 2020 or BSEB Result 2020, all these students website sites will be opened by lakhs of students. That’s why the server will be down. And site will not load easily. So at that time you visit here and check the links and click on that links which will redirect you to the official results page.

  • Check About Bihar Board matric Results 2020 Information.
  • Check Name of Board Conducting Exam:- BSEB Bihar School examination Board.
  • Check Name of Exam: Bihar Board BSEB matric Examinations 2020.
  • Also read about Exam Dates: In the Month of February 2020.
  • Check Compartmental Exams Date: Update after some time.
  • Check Status: Not Yet Available and may be updated soon.
  • Check Results Available Date: Expected 2nd Week of June 2020.
The BSEB or Bihar School Examination Board were established in 1952 under Section 3 of Bihar School Examination Board Act – 1952 under the Government of Bihar. It conducts examinations at secondary and senior secondary level in both government and private schools belonging to state of Bihar. Apart from the a fore said Secondary School Examination, the Board also handles departmental examinations (not on yearly basis) such as Diploma in Physical Education, Certificate in Physical Education and Teachers Training Examination on such terms and condition was handled  by the State Government.

Check Bihar school examination board matric Pass Percentage Statistics.


Coming to one of the most important points that Bihar’s matric pass students percentage is comparatively lower when compared to states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, UP etc, starting with the 2015 about 15,33,123 candidates were registered and appeared for the exam and the overall pass % was around 73.90%. In 2016 nearly 15,73,173 aspirants were wrote the Matric exam percentage has fallen down directly to 44.60% which is even lesser than the half of the all students, not even 50% cleared in the first attempt. In 2017 around 17,65,108 pupils were appeared for the exam percentage which is last year that has been improved a little bit which is 50.12%.

Check Bseb In 2018 percentage.

Maximum 17,58,797 students were appeared for the exam and total pass percentage was completed in the some  at 68.89%  which is much better than last 2 year performance and boys got 1st rank  by securing 69% while girls got 57%. In 2019 more than 17 lakhs candidates were appeared for the board exam and over all pass percentage was maximum 65%. But still around half of the overall appeared/registered students had fail  in the previous years but we could expected better this time around 70.26, let us see what happens in the Bihar school examination board. Give your feedback regarding your opponions.
The Bihar school examination board will give permission to third party websites to display results but usually at the time of declaration of Results may be servers  go down and the students may be face some issues and checking their grades/marks etc, but we are here to help you in a several times, we may provide best working links to you so that you could check Results this way also, one students clear the all required subjects the board will send a marks memorandum to the school, later students can collect it from their respective schools, and this memo shall be kept safe and can be used and taking admission for studies. The Bseb and get original Marks Sheets (memorandum) will soon sent to the respective schools and institutions after the results published . It may take 28-30 days for sending the certificates to the schools.

According to the Bihar Board Matric Result 2020 aspirants must enter their roll number and date of birth in the space provided on the results page and click on the results button in the a fore mentioned website. Bihar school examination board matrics results 2020 can also be checked by sending an SMS. To get result by SMS follow the procedure which is provided below. At the result time official site does not load and websites may be crash also due to very high traffic on the official portal of the Bihar school examination board. Because we advised you check the results through SMS Service which is very easy way to check the results for good students . And also check the IVRS System if its provided by the BSEB Board and one more thing that is before announcement of  publishing of results candidates can visit official site and registered your E-Mail ID and mobile number to get the latest notification and latest updates about your results and mail also automatically.

How To check The Bihar school examination board Result 2020 Matric Through/Via SMS Service.

  • Check Bihar school examination board matric Results 2020 Result.
  •  SMS – BSEB10<space>ROLLNUMBER – Send it to 56263.

How To Check BSEB Bihar matric Results 2020 biharboard.ac.in.

  • First of all, you can also check  links which may be available at the Result declaration time.
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  • within short span or moments you may get Result on Screen.
In the Bseb from the mentioned information of Bihar school examination board Matric Result 2020 it is  something is missing and you want to ask your doubts regarding the examinations, time tables, schedule, marks, grace marks or anything related to the matrics Results of BSEB you may ask it through comments or else you can directly email us to enquire about the same, you may get reply based on the question and your query could be answered soon, and it may also be added under the ‘FAQ’s’ section also, you can also share this website with your friends, colleagues and on social media, follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc, bookmark for easy navigation.

In the pass percentage of previous year is very less , in the last year’s around 50% students may have written supplementary, compartmental, supply, scrutiny, re-exam by paying some fee and hence once again the Results will be published for the failed candidates who have  been written exams again, some students May also apply in Revaluation, Recounting, Rechecking, Retotalling of the papers if they are sure about their Bihar school examination board 10th Results but need to pay amount for this also, although students can expect around a month of time for publishing of Supplementary Results in 2020. This supplementary is the last chance to clear the exam for the failure candidates for this year 2020 otherwise they can write exam next year, so it is much better to work hard and pass out in the exam. This Examination May be  conducts in July & August and Bihar school examination board Matric Compartmental Result 2020.its  will be published in August last week or in the month of September 2020 at the official portal that is biharboard.ac.in.


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ऐसे देखे BSEB बिहार बोर्ड  रिजल्ट (RESULTS).

बिहार board का रिजल्ट्स  यहाँ से देखे | gov.bih.nic.in

Bihar board  matric results 2020 :- BSEB bihar board के अब इंतजार ख़त्म हो जायेगा की अब  बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स आने वाला है  इस साल बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स में 18 लाख 80 हजार विधार्थी ने भाग लिया है |
बिहार बोर्ड मेट्रिक रिजल्ट्स  का इंतजार आज ख़तम हो जायेगा क्योंकि बिहार बोर्ड आज रिजल्ट्स 1 बाजे रिजल्ट्स जारी करेगा | तो आपलोग आज रिजल्ट्स देखना न भूले आज के दिन आपलोग के लिए बहुत खुसी का दिन है | बिहार बोर्ड ने आज घोसित किया है की  आज १ बजे तक रिजल्ट्स  जारी हो जाएगा | बिहार बोर्ड रिजल्ट्स(Bihar board bseb 10th and 12th results) की अधिक जानकारी के लिए हमारे  बिहार बोर्ड मेट्रिक रिजल्ट्स घोसित हो चूका है। https://www.Everyviralover.com\  पर देखे और सब्सक्राइब करे और बेल्ल आइकॉन दबाई।

BIHAR BOARD 1OTH  RESULTS 2020| बिहार बोर्ड  10वी  के छात्रों को ऐसे बोले congrates .

बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स आप रोल नंबर और रोल कोड डालकर देख सकते है। आप ऐसे ही बिहार बोर्ड के छात्रों को बधाई दे सकते है।  और उन  छात्रों को आप बहुत अच्छा कह सकते है और उन्हें  ऊंचाई  जाने के लिए बोल सकते की वो अपने जीवन में अपने माता और पिता का नाम रौशन करे. अगर  आप अपनी रिजल्ट्स देखना चाहते है तो मैंने अपने वेबसाइट में  बिहार बोर्ड के official link  दे  दिया  है।  बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स  आपको वेबसाइट से नहीं देख पा रहे है तो आप बिना इंटरनेट के देख सकते है।  आप अपना मोबाइल उठाये और वेबसाइट में बिहार बोर्ड का मैसेज नंबर दिया हुआ है आप उसपर नंबर पर अपने रोल कोड और रोल नंबर साथ में भेजे आपको रिजल्ट्स मिल जाएगा। आपको बतादे की बिहार में exam february में सुरु हो जाते है | बिहार के पुरे राज्य में १५०० परीक्षा केंद्र में होता है , पिछले बार बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स पुरे भारत में सबसे पहले आया था और  छात्राओं ने अच्छा नंबर से पास किया था , जिससे बिहार के लोग बहुत खुस थे। पिछले  बार बिहार बोर्ड 12वि का रिजल्ट्स बहुत ही जल्द आ गया था। इससे पहले वाले साल में बिहार के ही छात्र ने टॉप किया और पुरे भारत में अपना परचम लहराया। जिसका नाम था सावन राज भारती उनके कुल अंक थे 486 और प्रतिसत थे 97.%
क्राइस हुई वेबसाइट इसलिए आप बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स हमारे वेबसाइट में देख सकते वहां पे आपको बिहार बोर्ड का ऑफिसियल लिंक मिल जायेगा।

BIHAR BOARD MATRIC RESULTS 2020.:- यहाँ  क्लिक करे और चेक करे बिहार बोर्ड 10वी रिजल्ट्स DOWNLOAD HERE.

wishes of bihar board matric results.:-

आज  के दिन कुछ लोगों  के चेहरे पर मुस्कान होगी 
तो कुछ लोगों के चेहरे  पर ग़म होगी 
उस  शख़्स  को कभी हार नहीं मानना चाहिए 
क्योंकि एक  वो कामयाब होगा। 

मेंहनत के पसीने से जितने का जो मजा आता है 
उसकी बात ही अलग है। तब किसी एक से नहीं 
सारे ज़माने से बधाई मिलती। 

फक्र है मुझे तुम पर की  तुमने सफलता  पाकर 
एक अपनी  पहचान  है और ज़माने को एहसास 
दिलाया है की  कुछ भी नामुमकिन नहीं अगर तुम 

बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स आप यहाँ हमारे वेबसाइट में देख सकते है।

इस बात  की  खुसी हो तुम्हे की। 
इस  कामयाबी से  पुरे परिवार को नाज है। 
आज तुमने जो करके  दिखाया है वो लोग तुम्हे। 
हमेशा याद रखेंगे और कहेंगे की कोई था। 

बिहार बोर्ड का RESULTS देख सकते है बिना INTERNET के अपने मोबाइल SMS पर डायल करने से 

दुआ है की आप हमेशा कामयाब  रहो। 
और दुनिया में जा रहो अपने देश  का 
नाम रौशन करो और आप  ज़िन्दगी में। 
हमेशा सफल रहो। 
हमारी सुभकामनाये आप के साथ हो ।   

अगर आप बिहार बोर्ड  का  रिजल्ट्स  देखना  चाहते है  तो  इस step  को देखे और step by step । 

STEP 1:-  आप अपना RESULTS देखने के लिए इस वेब्सीटेस पर  जाये  http://gov.bih.nic.in/

STEP 2:-   वेब्सीटेस पर दिए गए RESULTS दिए गए टाइप पर दबाये

STEP 3:-    बिहार बोर्ड के 10TH  RESULTS के लिंक पर क्लिक करे।

STEP 4:-    रोल नंबर और रोल कोड यहाँ पर दे और बाकि डॉक्यूमेंट्स

STEP 5:-     सबमिट करने के बाद आप अपना रिजल्ट्स देख सकते है।

अगर बिहार बोर्ड की officials websites क्राइस हो जाये तो यहाँ डायरेक्ट लिंक से देख सकते है 

आप बिहार बोर्ड दसवीं की रिजल्ट्स डायरेक्ट चेक कर सकते है।

अगर आप बिहार बोर्ड का रिजल्ट्स देखना चाहते है तो निचे दिए गए लिंक्स पर क्लिक करे।


बिहार बोर्ड 10th रिजल्ट्स 2020 : आप अगर अपने बच्चे का रिजल्ट्स देखना चाहते है तो करे ये काम 

बिहार बोर्ड दसवीं रिजल्ट्स मोबाइल पर  ऐसे चेक करे 

स्टेप 1) :-  मोबाइल पर  रिजल्ट्स देखने के लिए सबसे पहले ब्राउज़र ओपन करे।

स्टेप 2) :-  ब्राउज़र पर बिहार बोर्ड की ऑफिशल्स वेब्सीटेस पर क्लिक्स करे।

स्टेप 3 ) :- इस वेब्सीटेस को खोलने के बाद  दिए गए १०वी की उस लिंक्स पर क्लिक करे।

स्टेप 4 ) :-  रोल नंबर और रोल कोड डालकर निचे के सबमिट बटन पर दबाये।

स्टेप 5 ) :-   आपको आपका रिजल्ट्स आपके मोबाइल ,लैपटॉप, कम्प्यूटर  के स्क्रीन पर दिख जायेगा।

hindi and english all board results are avilables :- 

हिंदी और अंग्रेज़ी रिजल्ट्स , त्यौहार के हर उपदटेस के लिए हमारे वेब्सीटेस पर बने रहे।

check also:-

  • बिहार बोर्ड 10वी रिजल्ट 2020 .
  • बिहार बोर्ड रिजल्ट चेक 10th. 
  • बिहार बोर्ड इंटरमीडिएट रिजल्ट 2020 .  
  • बिहार बोर्ड ऑनलाइन रिजल्ट सर्च बिहार ऑफिशल्स वेब्सीटेस। 
  • बिहार बोर्ड मैट्रिक रिजल्ट 2020  date
  • सरकारी रिजल्ट बिहार 2020 
  • बिहार बोर्ड रिजल्ट 2018
  • बिहार बोर्ड मैट्रिक रिजल्ट 2018

BSEB Bihar Board Result 2020|bihar board matric results 2020| bihar board 10th and 12th results 2020| bseb 10th results 2020| bseb 12th results 2020|bseb intermidiates results 2020.


BSEB Bihar Board Result 2020|bihar board matric results 2020| bihar board 10th and 12th  results 2020| bseb 10th results 2020| bseb 12th results 2020|bseb intermidiates results 2020.

The Bihar  Board result 2020 for Class For the latest news and information about Bihar   Board Result 2020, students­­ are advised to bookmark  this page and visit it regularly to uploads   10th and 12th has been declared. After the  declaration of BSEB Intermediates  2020 for Class 12 students, students had anticipated that Bihar 10th Result 2020 also might be declared earlier than its usual date. Staying true to the expectations of the students, the Bihar Board Class 10 result 2020 has been on 8th April 2020 – Satruday. The Bihar School Education Board has declared the BSEB Bihar Board 10th result 2020 on its official

Updates about Bihar Board 10th Result 2020, here.

Our team at JagranJosh will also be providing regular updates and news regarding BSEB Result 2020 on this page. To get all the latest updates and news regarding the BSEB 10th Result 2020 and Bihar Board 12th Result 2020, students can bookmark this page and visit it regularly. Alternatively, the Bihar Board Result updates will also be available through Email. You can submit your email id and mobile number on this page to start receiving these updates.

 BSEB Result 2020 – declaration of Date

The BSEB has declared the Bihar Board result 2020 within record time this year, earlier than any other Board. BSEB Matric result has been declared on 8th April 2020. Bihar Board 12th Result 2020 was announced earlier  on 29th May 2020 at 2:30 PM.


Exam Name

Exam Date 2020

Exam Result Date 2020*

Bihar Board

Bihar Matric Result

23rd February to 30th February 2020

8th April 2020 (Declared)

Bihar Intermediate Results

8th February to 18th February 2020

29th March 2020 (Declared)

Bihar Intermediate Arts Result

8th February to 18th February 2020

29th March 2020 (Declared)

Bihar Intermediate Commerce Results

8th February to 18th February 2020

29th March 2020 (Declared)

Bihar Intermediate Science Result

8th February to 18th February 2020

29th March 2020 (Declared)

*Tentative Dates.

 Last Year’s Statistics of bihar board results.

Bseb results is the best ways to relieve pressure prior to the declaration of BSEB Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Board Intermediate Result 2020 is by seeing at the performance of students in last year’s exam. The facts and figures from last year’s BSEB Board Exam helps students to understand the competition and make expectations that are achievable. Keeping this in mind, we have provided the last year’s Board Exam Result statistics below.Last year, the Bihar Board intermediates Results for Arts, Science and Commerce Streams were announced on 6th June. The key statistical previews of BSEB 12th Result is given .

all the students percentage here.

11.90 lakh Total Number of Students Passed: 6.31 lakh Overall Pass Percentage: 52.95 Pass Percentage in Science Stream: 44.7% Pass Percentage in Arts Stream: 61.32% Pass Percentage in Commerce Stream: 91.32% Science Stream Topper: Kalpana Kumari | 434 / 500 marks Commerce Stream Topper: Nidhi Sinha| 434 / 500 marks Arts Stream Topper: Kusum Kumari| 424 / 500 marks
On a similar note, the Bihar 10th Board Results were declared on 27th June and saw fate of 17 lakh students being sealed by it. The key statistical highlights for Bihar Board Matric Results of last year are as follows : All the Numbers of Students: 17,58,797 Total Number of Passed Students: 12,11,617 Overall Pass Percentage : 68.89% Total Number of Students with 1st Division : 1,89,326 Total Number of Students with 2nd Division : 6,63,884 Total Number of Students with 3rd Division: 3,57,103 Best Performing District : Munger | 78.69 Pass Percentage Worst Performing District : Kaimur | 56.49 Pass Percentage Bihar 10th Board Topper : Prerna Raj | 91.40 %.

How check BSEB Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Intermediate Result 2020.

As per the general practice, the Bihar matric Result 2020 and BSEB Intermediate Result 2020 is first made available on the official website of the Bihar board i.e., www.biharboard.ac.in. However, due to the large number of students trying to check their results at the same time, one might experience slow website response or even technical problems on the official website. This may delay the checking process of Bihar Board 10th Result and BSEB intermediates  Result 2020 .This is  the good way to concern, www.everyviralover.com would be providing the direct link to check the BSEB Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Intermediate Result 2020 on our website. The website has been developed keeping in mind the concerns of the students and to facilitate the checking of BSEB Results in a quick and easy manner. You can know more about the simple checking process for Bihar Board Result 2020 below.

Check step by step Bihar Board Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Board intermediates Result 2020.

While we are checking the Bihar Board matric Results 2020. students experience turmoil of emotions ranging from nervousness and anxiety to excitement. In this emotional turmoil, students often get confused regarding the checking process for Bihar Matric Result 2020 and Bihar intermediates Result 2020 . To help them out, we have given a step-by-step process for checking the Bihar Board  matric Results. By following these simple and easy steps, students will be able to check their BSEB Result 2020 very easily.

Step 1 : first go on this website and click on this website http://biharboardonline.bihar.gov.in/

Step 2 : Click on the  link and check BSEB Board Result 2020.

Step 3 : Submitted all the data in fill place.

Step 4 : Your Bihar Board Result will be showed on the  Mobile screen and computer, laptop screen.

Step 5: shows your bihar school examination board Result cares fully.

Step 6: Download softcopy PDF in your storages device and take printout of the results.

 After Checking Bihar board matric Result 2020.

If you have done with checking your bihar school examination board ( BSEB ) 10th Result 2020 or Bihar intermediates Result 2020 , you will also be provided with the option to download a softcopy / PDF copy of the scorecard. Alternatively, students can also choose to maintain physical copies of Bihar Board Result 2020 by taking a printout from the website. These downloaded / printed copies of BSEB Matric Result 2020 and BSEB Intermediate Result 2020 can be used as provisional results until the official marksheets are issued by the board. However, students must remember to collect the original mark sheet issued by the BSEB from their respective schools in the coming weeks.

Recheck & Re-evaluation Process of Bihar Board Results 2020.

Other aspect that students must not after the declaration of BSEB Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Intermediate Result 2020 is regarding rechecking / re-evaluation of results. If you are unsatisfied with the current BSEB Result 2020, you can apply for rechecking of answer sheets by paying a nominal fee. The detailed procedure for this can be found from the official board website.

 Bihar Board Compartmental Result 2020.

After the declaration of Bihar Board Results 2020 for matrics and Class intermediates students, The BSEB will announce the detailed schedule for the Compartmental Exam and also confirm the dates for BSEB  Bihar Board Compartmental Result dates. The Bihar Board Compartmental Result 2020 will give another chance to the students who have either failed or haven’t scored as well as they expected to in the Board Examination. By conducting the Bihar Board Compartmental Exam and releasing the BSEB Compartmental Result in June – July months, the Board allow students to improve their exam score without wasting an entire year. The exact details about BSEB Board Compartmental Exam and the Bihar Board Compartmental Exam Result will be notified soon after the declaration of Results. Students can also contact their respective schools in order to get more information about it.

After Checking Bihar Board.

BSEB Result 2020 Once you are done with checking the Bihar Board Result 2020 : BSEB 10th (Matric), 12th (Intermediate), you will also be provided with the option to download a softcopy / PDF copy of your scorecard. The students can also opt to preserve physical copies of Bihar Board Result 2020 by taking a printout from the official website.These downloaded / printed copies of BSEB Matric Result 2020 and Bihar Board 12th Result 2020 can be used as provisional results until the official mark sheets are issued by the Board.After the declaration of Bihar Class 10 Result 2020 and Bihar Intermediate Result 2020 , students can apply for rechecking or revaluating of answer sheets by paying a nominal fee. The detailed procedure for this can be found on the official board website.

About Bihar Board (BSEB).

The Bihar School Examination Board is popularly known by its acronym i.e. BSEB. The BSEB is the primary agency entrusted with the task of holding and conducting board school  examinations  board at secondary and higher secondary school levels. As per the general trend, the board conducts the annual matric exam for class 10 students and the intermediate exam for class 12 students in the months of February and March. In addition to the annual board exams, BSEB also conducts the Diploma in Physical Education, Certificate in Physical Education and Teachers Training Examination as per government .The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) announces the Bihar Matric Results i.e. the Bihar 10th Result every year on the basis of the Matriculation (Class 10) Examination. The Bihar Class 10 Results 2020   forms a very important part of the career of a Class X student as it decides in which stream of education he/she will pursue the Class 12 education.

manipur board results 2020| manipur board matrics and 12th results | manipur class 10th and 12th results.


manipur board results 2020| manipur board matrics and 12th results | manipur class 10th and 12th results. 


manipur results is the best results in  in india. 

Manipur matrics results and 12th results 2020 :-  manipur board results will be published through of manipur board  of secondry education in the board  results .The manipur board has authority of board they will be continiously maintain.who will announce   the board results manipur results 2020.
this board is authority of the state of maipur board managed by the goverments of  manipur board.The students can check the results in here because we are giving you all information in this website. you can check here the results here name wise , roll wise and find the results the regarding the board  information of complete baord results of manipur board.

Manipur board matrics results 2020.

The manipur boards results be published in the months of may 2020. The manipur examinations  will be conducts in the months of february to march 2020.

Manipur  board results 2020 —— class  10th and 12th.

Manipur board results has a authority of their states board , who will be published the results 2020 coming soon. the board of secondry education manipur . the board  of secondry has authority of manipur states and managed by the goverment of manipur . manipur has official authority of the results will be published by the board results 2020. the results will be avilable here students can check the name wise and  roll wise. i will provide a link in this websites

Manipur results  2020  check here in my officials websites .

Manipur results will be published on the month of may to june 2020.the board results will be  conducted the examination in the month of february to march,this results will be declared in the response of board examination results.

Manipur board  Scedule  2020.          Importants dates.

For class 10th

manipur exam begins from                3rd week of february 2020.
The last date of exam                         2nd week of march 2020.
Declaration of results                          2nd week of may 2020.

For class 12th.

The begining of the exam               3rd week of february 2020.
End of the exam                        3rd week of march 2020.
Declaration of the results             2nd week of may 2020.

Link for Manipur board results 2020.class 10th and 12th .

1.)   Manipur 10th results 2020.

2.)   Manipur 12th results 2020.

Step by step check manipur board  results 2020.

Simple step to check manipur board results 2020, the results will be declared in online mode , its will be provided here.

  • To check the results you have to check the candidates can eithers use links mention in the post or can login to official websites and find the results related link .
  • There as a print you must have an options class 10th and class 12th for his wants to check the results and we provides links here fill on the roll number and roll code and date of birth on the screens.
  •  The candidates you will have to fill correctly otherwise your results will not be loaded on their    screens.
  • Submit all the details and get the manipur board results 2020.

Manipur board results — class 10th  2020.:– The manipur results will be annnounce may 2020 by      the official authority i.e (BSEM) for class 10th manipur board. The manipur results pass percentages  will be increasing every years , the candidates will download the results easily from theirs official websites . the passess percentage of students every years are also increasing with the numbers of students.

Manipur board  class 12th results 2020 :- The manipur results will  be announced. the results will be  mainly in the online mode and the candidates will check theirs results name wise and roll wise
the results will be declared board examination which will be held in the month of march 2020. the candidates can check the their results by using theirs roll numbers or name. the previous year example are given you.


Manipur board matric results class 10th 2020.

Manipur board matric results 2020 will be seen by the officials after your examination.the results is very important document for
student life. the written exam are depends on the students performance in the written examination.

How to check manipur board results.

The manipur results class 10th inter results 2020 is mentioned below:

candidates must follows these steps checking the results.

Open the link on this post given below.

After open the page you have to must follow the link named class
10th and 12th results.


  •  On this page candidates can fill the enter the roll number and  roll code as per the instruction.


  •  After fill you can click on the submit button.


  •  The results will be loaded on the websites you can download the your marksheet .

officials websites:–  links(www.bsem.nic.in) or links(www.manipur.allresultsnic.in.)

Search related :-


Manipur HSLC Results 2020: Manipur matric results 2020|Manipur 10th results 2020.| Manipur 10th and 12th hslc results 2020.


 Manipur HSLC Results 2020: Manipur matric results 2020|Manipur 10th results 2020.|
Manipur 10th and  12th hslc results 2020

Manipur HLSC results 2020:- Manipur hslc result will be  published on may 2020. the
manipur board has published the results online mode. the board was published
the results from 1972. the board will manage the 10th class school reghular and
private examination board . Manipur board will take to time the results 1 to 2 months
for declaration the results.after the examination students are waiting for results in
each subjects they will has to done well.some details are given belows in the class of
10th and 12th results as well as previous years data.

 Manipur HSLC Results 2020.

Manipur board every year  huge number pupil apperas in the manipur board examination.
many of the students secures good marks in  exam. Manipur HLSC 2020 Will be published
online mode for students.Students who will appeared in 10th class examination can approach their results by filling in the roll numbers. the students will have safe their download in pdf. The BSEM And HSLC results 2020 till all would get their original marksheet from theirs school are provided and theirs respectives teachers.

check also :-   manipur 10th and 12th results 2020. 

check date Manipur board 10th results.

The HSLC results of manipur board results will be published on

18th may 2020 And exam will be take on the month of march .
in 2018, the exam took place on the month of march 2018 and the results will be published 25th may
2018.The manipur board students will appears to ready for exam and they will do hard work for appearing.

Exam and they can get you good performation after the examination.

EVENTS                                   DATES

Manipur 10th board dates                March , april 2020

HSLC Results date                        May 2020

 How to check the HSLC Results 2020 Manipur board step by step.

there are some results to get HSLC results 2020 Manipur examination  through online

  • First you have to go official website link (already is given


  • A fresh page will be shows in desktop.
  •   Fill yours roll number and click on the “submit” button.


  • You can also click on the “reset” button in case you forget yours roll numbers.
  • After that ,the results will be displyed on your desktop.


  • check your results and take a copy of its furthers purpose.


checks  on this links https://manipur.gov.in/  now

 Remember some points for the students.

Students cares about yours exam you should keep in mind the points disscussed  after
downloading the results.

it is an important documents which useful to get admissions in 11th class in  an any
of the stream as for the marks in secures in board.

After downloading the results ,the students can get theirs original marksheet from
theirs schools.

Many students their results will be check theirs name and roll number written on its.

Roll numbers is very important for all students to check the  results , without this
students cannot download theirs results and marksheet.

 HSLC Results analysis of manipur board .


here we given that passing years the results manipur class 10th students can check the
passing percentages of the boys and girls in the past few years.

YEARS                          2013       2014       2015        2016          2017
Appeared students      14,352     14,885     28,438      29,102         24,448

overall passing %      82.68      84.91      87.76       89.76          67.11
boys passing %         80.50      82.54      85.94       86.76          66.50
girls passing %        81.45      84.67      86.83       88.78          68.89

this is approve that the numbers of students are increasing every years in 2017, the
whole passing percentages of the students is decresed if we compare to the previous years.

the every years passing percentages of this girls and the boy are also lisents though in
the  years 2016. total students 4,29,102 students were sat in  the examination out of march.
89.76% of students were pass and morever the girls performance
are good 88.87% wheres the boys percentage are good.

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Mp results 10th results 2019| Mp matric results 2020.| Mp 10th and 12th results 2020.| Mp 12th results 2020.

Mp board matric results 2020:- Mp board matric results date will be annnounced by madhya
pradesh board of secondry education and results will be published on  may 2020. if we see
past years results date the madhya pradesh board always publish the results after 45 days
10th and 12th results . if the mp boaed students forgot the results 2020 and roll numbers
they can retrive easily and steps are given belows.

Madhya pradesh board matrics results 2020 dates.


Madhya pradesh board all results 2020                       dates


  •   Madhya pradesh 10th board results                            May 2020


  •   Madhya pradesh 12th board results                            May 2020

 check and  download madhya pradesh secondry education results.


Follows the step by step to download 10th madhya pradesh states board results:

Search on the official websites of board of secondary education , madhya pradesh.

Search class 10th results link.

Click on the links madhya pradesh 10th class board results.

Enter the roll number and date of birth.

Click on the submit button.

The results will be shows on the computer or mobile screen.

You can download the futures refrences.

Highlights of madhya pradesh 10th and 12th results 2020

Name of board : MPBSE- Board of secondry education , madhya pradesh

Results name : Mp board 10th results 2020.

Date of exam : march 2020

Results dates : may 2020.

Mp board 10th Results last years pass percentages.

* Total registered students                11,55,995

* Overall pass percentages                 49.86%

About Madhya pradesh board of secondry Education.

Madhya pradesh Board of secondary education ,madhya pradesh is a board of school education
in madhya pradesh states of india . the madhya pradesh board of secondary  Education (MPBSE) is a goverment . body responsible for states higher educational system.

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