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what is memory|what is memory in computer and its types.|what is memory in computer|what is memory in computer in hindi


what is memory|what is memory in computer and its types.|what is memory in computer|what is memory in computer in hindi.

What is memory –:

An area where data is stored is called memory. This unit is very helpful for storing data in the system. 

 There are two types of memory 

 1. Primary memory 
 2. Secondary memory 

1.) Primary memory –:

It is the memory which is called temporarily memory. That means data or information of primary memory will be lost when the power is switch off or any the after accur. 
Some example of primary memory as follows – RAM  stands for (random access memory).  This memory is utilize for storing data temporarily how much data it store it depends on RAM capacity which is define in terms of GB 1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB etc. 

2.)Secondary  memory:-  

Secondary  memory  is  the  memory  which  stored  data  permanently  that  means  when  the  power  is  switch off  no  information  of  secondary  memory  will  be  loss.  It  is  the  unique  faculty    of  the  computer  system.  Where  user  can  store  data as  further  capacity  of  a  memory  in  terms  of  GB  and  TB,  nowadays  higher  capacity  is  define  in    terms  of  TB.  That  means  Tera  byte. How much we increase  the  memory,  capacity,  similarity  it  stores  data  its  own  area,     
    best  example  of  secondary  unit  of  device  is  hard  disk.  Where  you  can  see  data  are  stored  in  huge.        Nowadays  in  computer system  all  types  of  data  are  stored  either  it  is  related  to  security  or  confidential.

 Types  of  primary  memory:-



 R.A.M  stands  for  (random  access  memory)  Which  is  used  for  storing  data  randomly  or  certainly  as  further  capacity  of R.A.M.?  It  defines  all  the  texture  task  which  will  be  applied  as  per  it  conditional  mode  is  a  first  data  is  transferred  data  into R.A.M  then  after  all  logical  operation  perform. 

RAM is also categories in two types 

A.) Static RAM 

B.) Dynamic RAM 

A. ) Static RAM —:.  

It  is  the  part  of  RAM,  We  know  that  RAM  is  temporary  memory  .which  store  the  data  for  the  time  being  that  means whenever  the  power  is  switch  off  all  the  information  of  RAM  will  be  loss.  Now,  we  define  about  the  Static  RAM.  Whenever memory  is  created  first  then  data  is  stored  is  called  STATIC  RAM.  e.g.-If  you  create  the  memory  DIM  a(20)  as  integer.  Here, Memory is created  40  bytes  and  has  inserted  only  5  integer  values  then  the  memory  will  be  occupied  only  10  bytes.  In  case  of static  RAM  memory  might  be  loss.in  the  above  example  you  can  see30  bytes  wastage  in  the  memory. 

B. )Dynamic RAM—: 

 DynamicRAM is the type of RAM  which is  used  to  create  memory  dynamically  that  means  according  to  data requirements  it  create  memory.  This  indicates  about  the  model  or  form  which  is  not  waste.  In  this  case  of  DINAMIC  RAM  will  not be  loss  because  it  creates  the  memory  as  further  requirement.  Pointer  is  the  best  example  of  DINAMIC  RAM  where  we  can  see how to utilize  memory  in  appropriate  method. 


It  is  stands  for  (read  only  memory) This  memory  is  used  to  store  manufactural  detail  about  the  system  like  brand  name of  system,  bios  setup,  data  quarry  ,boot  strap  loading  etc.      

 ROM  is  also  categorized  into  4  types:-

(A)  P.R.O.M:- 

 P.R.O.M  stands  for  programmable  read  only  memory.  This  memory  is  helpful  for  store  the  information  in  the memory  after  developing  program  that  why  it  is  known  as  programmable  read  only  memory it access  the  information  as  per  its instruction.  

 (B) ) E.P.ROM:- 

 E.P.ROM  stands  for  (erasable  programmable  read  only  memory).  This  memory  is  helpful  for  erase  that  particular program.  Which  are  already  written  in  ROM  and  this  configuration  is  utility  through  the  concept. 

(C)  E.E.P.ROM  :- 

(  Electrical  erasable  programmable  read  only  memory)  Here,  ROM  data  is  erase  with  the  help  of  electrical current  that  means  you  can  remove  data  from  the  ROM  through  the  electric  current.

(D)  U.V.E.P.ROM

(Ultra  violet  erasable  programmable  read  only  memory)  :-  

This  ROM  is  helpful  for  storing  data  after  saving  data of  memory  from  ultra  violet.  We  know  that  how  much  ultra  violet  ray  is  harmful  for  all  the  unit  which  belong  to  earth  planet. System  is  also  alert  for  any  misshaping.  Erasable  programmable  read  only  memory  is  helpful  for  neglecting  ultra  violet  ray  that’s why  your  system  fully  saved  from  any  digester. 

Types  of  secondary  memory:- 

(A)  Removable  disk:  –  

A ll  the  storing  devices  which  are  store  data  in  the  disk  will  be  removed  from  the  system  of  example:  C.D, D.V.D,  pen  drive,  memory  card  etc.  All  the  above  mention  devices  are  used  for  storing  data  after  connecting  with  the  system  and whenever  task  completed.  It  removed  from  the  system.  That’s  why  it  is  known  as  removable  disk. \

(B)    Non  Removable  disk-

The  disk  which  is  not  removed  from  the  system  is  known  as  Non  removable  disk. 
The  best example  of  Non  removable  is  hard  disk  which  is  useful  to  store  data  and  it’s  connecting  with  system  in  built.  That means  it  cannot  be  removed.  The  storing  capacity  of  non-removable  disk  is  very  high.  It  term  of  GB  and  TB.

(C)  C.D-   


   C.D  stands  for  (compact  disk). It  comes  in  the  category  of  removable  disk.  This  disk  capacity  is  700  MB.

 CD is  also  categorise  into  two  parts;- 

1.  C.D.R–:

 CDR Stands  for( compact  disc  recordable  )at  ones  the  data  store  in  CDR  cannot  be  removed  because  it  is worm disk.  Worm means “write  once  read  many  “.  CDR  is  also  known  as  blank  CD.

 2.  C.D.R.W–: 

 CDRW stands  for  (compact  disk  rewritable)  that  means  data  written  in  CDRW  can  be  removed  and rewritable  again.  It  is  the  compact  of  write  many  read  many  CDRW  as  costlier  than  CDR  because  it  rewritable facility.


 DVD stands for (digital  versatile  disk).  It  also  comes  in  categorise  of  removable  disk.  Where  you  can remove  disk  as  and  when  required.

 DVD     is categorised into  two  types:- 

a.  D.V.D.R-

  DVDR  stands  for  (digital  versatile  disk  removable)  but  it  is  worm  disk  (write  ones  read  many).  The capacity  of  DVDR  is  4.7GB.  It  stores  large  amount  of  data  as  compare  to  CD.   
b. D.V.D.R.W-

 It  stands  for  (Digital  versatile  disk  rewritable ) then  means  if  you  store  data  in  DVDRW  can   we remove  again  and  rewritable,  whenever  it  is  required.  The  capacity  of  DVDRW  is  4.6  or  4.7  GB.  This  DVD  is used  to  store  large  amount  of  data  like  project  report  student  details  employ  pay  role  etc. 

Pen  drive-


The  pen  drive  is  removable  storage  device.  This  device  better  than  optical  disk  because  optical  disk  is quiver  sum  is  convention.  The  data  of  optical  disc  might  be  lost  at  any  digester  but  in  case  of  pen  drive  data  is safe.  Pen  drive  is  available  in  different  type  of  capacity  like  8  GB,16GB,32GB  and  64gb  etc.

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Definition of Processor

A processor is machine or “microprocessor,” is a small chip that will be use in computers and another electronic devices. Its basic work is to receive input and provide the output. While this may seem like a simple task, in modern era processors can handle in a second trillions of calculations per second.

The central processor of a computer is also known as the CPU, or “central processing unit.” This processor handles all the simple system instructions, such as mouse , keyboard input and running applications. Most of desktop,z computers contain a CPU developed by either way b Intel or AMD, both of which use the x86 processor architecture. This is used all types of electronic devices like  Mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets may use Intel and AMD CPU , but It can also use specific task for mobile processors developed by companies like ARM or Apple.

In Modern Era CPU often include multiplel
processing cores, which work together to process instructions. While some ( cores) are contained in one physical unit, there are actually individual processors. In fact, if you see your computer’s performance with a system monitoring utility like Windows Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac OS X), you will see separate graphs for each processor. Processors that include two cores are called dual-core processor , quad-core processors and  multiple cores, allowing a single machine to have eight, twelve, or even more processing cores.

In sides the central processing unit (CPU)? Putin, most desktop and laptop computers also include a GPU and cpu . This processor is specifically designed for rendering graphics those  are provide output on a monitor. Desktop computers often have a video card that contains the GPU and CPU , while mobile devices usually contain a graphics chip that is integrated into the motherboard. By using separate processors for system and graphics processing, computers are able to handle graphic-intensive applications more efficiently.

# Definition – What does Processor mean?

A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs the calculations that run a computer. A processor performs arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O) and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a processor.

The terms processor, CPU and microprocessor are commonly linked.

Techopedia explains Processor

A processor includes an arithmetical logic and control unit (CU), which measures capability in terms of the following:

Ability to process instructions at a given time

Maximum number of bits/instructions

Relative clock speed

Most people just say processor instead of “CPU” nowadays.



processor (CPU) is a develop of cernal.

A processor is the logic circuits those responds and processes the basic instructions in drive a computer.

A processor (CPU) is the logic circuite those response and processes the basic instructions in drive a computer. The CPU is seen as the main and most crucial integrated circuite (IC) chip in a computer, as it is responsible for interpreting most of computers commands. CPUs will perform most basic arithmetic, logic and I/O operations, as well as allocate commands for other chips and components running in a computer.

term processor is used interchangeable with the term central processing unit (CPU), although strict speaking, the CPU is not  only processor in a computer. The GPU (graphics processing unit) is the most notable but the hard drive and other devices within a computer also perform some processing independently. Nevertheless, the term processor is generally understood to mean the CPU.

Processors can be found in PC, smartphones, tablets and other Electronic device . There are two most competitors in the processor market are Intel and AMD.

# The basic elements of a processor

The arithmetic logic unit is also unit those are separate (ALU), which carries out arithmetical and logical operations operands in instructions.

The floating point unit is also known (FPU), also known as a math coprocessor or numeric coprocessor, a specialized coprocessor those  manipulates numbers more quickly than the basic microprocessor circuite can do.

Registers is also known as , which hold instructions and another data. Registers supply operands to  ALU and store the results of operations.

L1 and L2 is the cache memory in computer. Their inclusion in the CPU saves time compared to having to get data from random access memory (RAM).

# CPU Operations.

There are  main four primary functions of a processor like fetch, decode, execute and write back.

Fetch :- Fetch- is the operation of  receives instructions from programing memory from a systems RAM.

Decode :- decode is also primary function where the instruction is converted to understand which other parts of the CPU are needed to continue the operation. This is performed by the instruction decoder

Execute :- Excuted is where the operation is performed. Each part of the CPU that is need is activated to carry out the instructions.

# Components of CPU how to use CPUs .

The main components of a CPU and ALU, registers and control unit. There are also basic functions of the ALU and register labeled in the above “some basic elements of a processor section.” The control unit is what operates the fetching and execution of instructions.

The processor is a personal computer or embedded in small devices is often called a microprocessor. But term means that the processor’s elements are contained in a single IC chip. Some computers will operate  a multi-core processor a chip containing more than one CPU. A CPU is typically a small device with pins on it facing down in a motherboard. CPUs can also be attached to a motherboard with a heat sink and a fan to dissipate heat.

In modern Era many processors  are multi-core proccessor, which means that the IC contains two or more processors for enhanced performance, reduced power consumption and more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks like parallel processing. Multi-core processor  set-ups are similar to having multiple choice, separate processors installed in the same computer, but because the processors are actually plugged into the same socket, the connection between them is faster.

Many computers may have up to 2 – 4 cores processor however, this number can more than up to 12 cores processor . If a CPU can only process a single set of instructions at one time, then it is considered as a single-core processor. If a CPU can process two sets of instructions at a time it is called a dual-core processor four sets would be considered a quad-core processor. more cores proccessor, there more instructions at a time a computer can handle.

Some processors are using in  multi-threading, which uses virtualized processor cores. Virtualized processor cores are called vCPUs. These are as powerful as physical cores but can be used to improve performance in virtual machines (VMs). However, we are adding  vCPUs can hurt consolidation ratios, so there should be about four-six vCPUs per physical core.

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Holi festival images 2020.|Holi Festival in India 2020|2020 Holi| Holi in Uttar Pradesh in 2020 .|Holi 2020 | Holi Festival Date 2020.| Holi 2020 and 2021.

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BSEB 10th Result | Bihar Board 10th Result 2020|bihar board matric results.|bihar board matric results 2018.


BSEB 10TH RESULTS 2019.|BSEB 10th Result | Bihar Board 10th Result 2020|bihar board matric results.|bihar board matric results 2018.

Bihar board 10th and 12th results will be published expected on May to june. When the results will be published we inform first

This is your Bihar official website.BSEB 10th result 2020 :– Bihar college schooling Board (BSEB) conducts the tests for preparation 10 each 12 months. In each session, lakhs of students take part. Now, it’s miles the time for the scholars for 2020 session to  in roll in the checks. After the finishing of the assessments, Bihar Board releases the results. Bihar Board 10th results 2020 will be held in the fourth week of June 2020 because last year, BSEB 10th result become declared on June 26, 2020. you will be able to see your Bihar Matric results 2019 on line on the Bihar official websites biharboardonline.bihar.gov.in. so as to check your  results, you just need to submit the roll code/ roll number / your name. BSEB 10th result 2020  will be to be held in the PDF page. To achieve more statistic about Bihar Board 10th results 2020, you can see download this web page.

Latest : Bihar board 10th results expacted will be published 2nd week of June 2020.

Last year, about 20.58 lakh candidates appeared for the exams of class 10th from Bihar Board. Out of the total students, 16,12,717 passed the exams. For this year, the board has not released any notification regarding the Bihar Board 10th Result 2020 So, we are providing some details on the about of the previous year. you are advised to check important dates from the table given Below.

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020 Important dates The Exams will Start from last 3rd weeks of Feb 2020 The Exams will be held 1st week of Mar 2020  Announcement of the Results 2nd week of Jun 2020.

Results :— The Students of Bihar state examination board will be able to Find the Bihar Board 10th Result 2019 from the official website. website: biharboardonline.bihar.gov.in

here, you will get to information the dates of the results expected for 2019 session. we are offering the expected date to students. we have sources the dates of the past years’ BSEB Matric  results and we have got come to a conclusion . To know the anticipated dates, you can talk over with the table given under.
above, you will be capable to understand that from the past five years, BSEB Matric  result is was announced within the month of June. If we talk about the date then it got here to know that the Bihar Board 10th completed result 2019 may be shows in
the third week of the month.

 How  to check Bihar board 10th results 2020.

this section, you will get to know the process to find your result. For your convenience, we will also provide the link to search for your Bihar Board 10th Result 2020 above. Other than this, you will also be able to get your result from the official website. So, here you will understand the steps to check your BSEB 10th Result. To do so, you can refer to the points given below.

STEP-1: Visit the official website by showing the link available on this page.

STEP 2: After reaching the homepage in website then you will be able to get the link of “BSEB 10th Result 2020” showing on the top.

STEP 3: Then you will have to click that link. After that, a new window will open in your page then show to you.

STEP 4: On that  window page, you will have to enter the roll code or roll number or your name.

STEP 5: Once, you will submit the credentials, the BSEB 10th Matric Result 2020 will appear to you.

STEP 6: After checking  your result,  if you wanted to take the printout of the Bihar Board 10th Result 2020 for the future reference.

Once, you will get your Bihar Board 10th Result 2019, there will be various information available on the result. The students will be able to know the information about personal and educational things. Here in this section, we are providing the same details for your convenience. You can check it from the points given below.
  • Candidate’s Name

The Roll Number of the Candidates

  • enrollment Number
  • Registration Number
  • Students’ Date of Birth
  • Mother’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Address
  • School Name
  • School Code
  • Subjects (Code & Name)
  • Marks (For Individual Subject)
  • Total Marks
  • Percentage

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020 Names Wise.

We are taking  from the roll number, the scholars may also be capable of find the result via name also. the scholars experience that checking the Bihar Board tenth end result 2019 through name is the very best way to search for it. there are various web sites which give Bihar Board tenth end result 2018 call clever its seems to Bihar board 10th results official website To get the bring about this manner, you just need to submit your call. Then the end result will appear to you. it will likely be available inside the pdf format. You do not want to move everywhere else, we can additionally offer the link above on this page to locate your Bihar Board 10th end result 2019 with the add of name.

Bihar Board tenth  result 2020 Roll variety sensible.

one of the day to search Bihar Board 10th result 2019 is checking it by means of roll number. it’s far one of the simplest approaches to get the consequences. while the scholars have the admit card then they get to know the roll range. it is an 8 digit wide variety which indicates the distinctiveness of the scholars. each scholar has a unique number because the roll wide variety. within the roll range, the faculty code is likewise protected. So, it differs from the alternative faculties. on the time of searching the Bihar Board 10th end result 2019 by means of roll range, you simply want to publish the best roll number as present within the admit card. If the student will post the wrong roll variety or the number vary from the admit card then the end result will no longer seem.

 Board 10th Results 2019 Roll Code Wise. 

BSEB gives an extra credential to go into i.e. roll code. apart from the roll variety or the call, there may be an opportunity manner to look the Bihar Board 10th end result 2019 which is through roll code. The roll code is a five digit quantity which separates the scholar’s identities. every pupil has a one-of-a-kind roll code which denotes the distinctiveness to the students. So, you’ll additionally have the ability to test Bihar Board 10th end result 2019 roll code sensible
For the convenience of the students, BSEB additionally affords to get the end result thru SMS. it’s far a very interactive way for the students to get the Bihar Board 10th result 2019. the students don’t need to await the legit website to work. every now and then, the web sites stop working due to the heavy site visitors. So, in this case, it is the easiest and the maximum famous way to search for the Bihar Board tenth result 2019 To understand the effects through SMS, you may check the declaration given below.

  • Bseb roll no and send it to 56263 and send it to 56263

Past year’s Data Related to Bihar Board 10th Result 2020.

Here in this section, we are providing the statistics of the previous years. The past year data is very important for the students who have given the exams as well as who are going to be enrolled in the exams. Those who have appeared in the exams, it will give them the idea of the marks provided to the students. For those who will give the exams, it will provide them with the analysis of the marking scheme of the board. Along with it, you will also be able to know the competition level among the students.

This year, the total pass percentage was around 68.89%. For more information, you can check the table given below. It contains the past 4 year’s data which will provide you a brief description of the

From the above table, you can see that every year, the overall pass percentage of the students is increasing. The students are performing better and better each year. So, this year also, we are expecting the students to obtain the better marks from the previous years.

Bihar Board 10th Compartmental Result 2020.

Those students who would not get the passing marks, BSEB will give them the second chance. The name of this alternative is the compartmental exams. The date sheet of the BSEB Compartmental exams for 2020 will be released in the month of August 2020. Once, the exams will over then, Bihar Board 10th Compartmental Result 2020 will be declared. As per the last year, it is expected to be announced in the month of September 2019. You will be able to know the Bihar Board 10th Result 2019 through the roll number/ roll code/ name. The result will be available in the pdf format. It contains the new marks. If there will be no changes in the results then BSEB Matric Result for the compartmental exams will display the old marks.

The candidates who will not be satisfied with the result and the marks then the candidates can go through the scrutiny process. For the scrutiny process, the candidates will have to fill the application form with the application fee. In this way, the re-checking of the copies will be done. In the rechecking, the candidates will get the increased numbers or the decreased numbers. The scrutiny result will be announced after a month of the form filling. The result will be available online on biharboard.ac.in. To check the Bihar Board Scrutiny Result 2019, the candidates will have to submit the roll code or roll number.

common question which comes in the mind of students is that what after the result announcement? The students of class 10 will have to choose the options for the streams. The candidates will get options such as Science, Arts, and Commerce. It is very important for candidates to choose a relevant stream on the basis of the interests. So, after the Bihar Board 10th Result 2019, the students will have to take a separate stream for class 11 and 12 studies. To understand the importance of the stream, you can consult the family, friends, and relatives. But the decision should be made by the student. The importance of each stream is equal. No field is tough or easy. So, the students can feel free while choosing the stream.About Bihar BoardBihar School Education Board is well known as BSEB. It is a state level board. The aim of the board is to spread the education in Bihar. The board serves the students of Secondary (Matric) and Sr. Secondary (Intermediate) classes. The board manages the exams in the month of February every year. After the completion of the exams, it releases the results.

All the Best students for the Bihar Board 10th Result 2019. We have provided the data on the basis of the past years. Once, the board will release the notification regarding the result then we will update this page.



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Bihar board 10th exam time table and date 2020-21.| Bihar Board 10th 12th Exam 2020 dates

Bihar board 10th exam date and time table will released. The exam will be attended very soon. bseb conduct the exam 21th February. examination Dates First Sitting second Sitting Exam Days 21 Feb 2020.

 English (general) (9:30 am to 12:45pm) ____English (general) (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm) 
Thursday 22 Feb 2019 Social technological  (9:30 am to 12:15 pm)—–Social science (1:45 pm to 4:30 pm)

Friday 23 Feb 2019 Science (9:30 am to 12:15 pm)———technology (1:45 pm to 4:30 pm)

Saturday 25 Feb 2019 Mathematics (9:30 am to 12:45 pm) ————- arithmetic (1:45 pm to 5:00

Monday 26 Feb 2019 Mother Tongue (Hindi/ Urdu/ Bangla/ Maithili)—————– (9:30 am to 12:45 mother Tongue (Hindi/ Urdu/ Bangla/ Maithili) (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm) 

Tuesday 27 Feb 2019 Second Indian Language (for Hindi talking applicants – Sanskrit/ Arabic/ Persian/ Bhojpuri) (for Non-Hindi speaking applicants – most effective Hindi) (9:30 am to 12:45 pm)  2nd Indian Language (for Hindi speakme candidates – Sanskrit/ Arabic/ Persian/ Bhojpuri) (for Non-Hindi speaking applicants – simplest Hindi) (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm)

Wednesday 28 Feb 2019Elective topics (better mathematics/ Economics/ trade/ Sanskrit/ Maithili/ Persian/ Arabic) (9:30 am to 12:45 pm)
(home science/ music/ Dancing and exceptional Arts) (9:30 am to 12:15 pm)non-obligatory subjects (higher arithmetic/ Economics/ commerce/ Sanskrit/ Maithili/ Persian/ Arabic) (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm)(home technological know-how/ song/ Dancing and high-quality Arts) (1:45 pm to 4:30 pm) Thursday. 
BSEB checks 2019. in step with the declaration with the said of Anand Kishor, BSEB chairman inside the press conference today, the checks for sophistication 10 (Matric) could be performed from February 21 to February 28, 2019, and sophistication 12 (Intermediate) exams are scheduled to be carried out from February 6 to February 16, 2019
Exam dates :21 February to 28 February
  • important modifications executed in Bihar Board OMR & solution Sheet
  • This year, the Bihar college exam Board has made a few necessary modifications inside the OMR and within the solution sheets. To keep away from the needless happenings inside the board assessments, BSEB has now modified the different factors within the OMR and answer sheets.
  • First, we can speak about the adjustments within the solution sheets. As you realize that the board checks of sophistication 10 and 12 could be held in the two shifts. So, the Bihar board has proposed that this yr, the colours of the answer sheets will be distinct. hence, it will likely be easier for the government to distinguish the students on the basis of the time slots.
  • Now, allow’s talk the changes inside the OMR sheets. The OMR sheet has the 3 quantities wherein the students will should publish the information. So, the board will now produce the OMR sheets with exceptional colours. within the OMR sheet, the colours could be special of the middle component and the rest of the 2 quantities can be of the same coloration.
  • crucial factors associated with Bihar Board tenth exam Date 2019.
For the applicants, it is very necessary to know the critical factors associated with the checks. So, we’re seeking to provide every unmarried detail to you. The points are:
you will get the three hours and 15 mins. wherein 15 minutes may be for analyzing the query paper.
you may get three hours to write down the answers.
There may be  time slots.candidates are counseled to attain the exam hall 30 minutes earlier than the reporting time. it is mandatory for the students to hold the admit card on the time of performing for the examination.


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Holi festival images in India 2020| when is holi  in 2020| holi calander 2020. |Holi 2020.|Holi dates and Day.| 2020 Holi.











India is democracy country all over the world because india is stands on the feet and there festivals is very interesting and follows rules and regulations. If we talk about holi is a colorful festival in India and Indian civilization celebrating very freedom. Holi is a Hindu spring pageant, originating from India, celebrated predominantly in India but has also unfold to Nepal and plenty of other Western international locations, additionally called the “festival of colors” or the “festival of affection. Holi is celebrating for  birthplace of Krishna that’s called holi ka dahan. In this year festival celebration day Wednesday 20 March and Thursday 21 March. As you wish happy holi. Why holi festival celebration in India because Hindu deity Krishna grew up the festival is celebrated in India  and it festival is also called love festival radha and Krishna is couple and they love each other

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50[+]12 rabi ul awwal 2020-21images.| .Rabi ul awal, 12th rabi ul awal, Rabi ul awwal | 16 Best rabi ul awal images |12 Rabi ul Awal 2020 Date – When is Eid Milad un Nabi 2020.


12 Rabi ul awal celebrates Islamic religion for his prophet birthday and death day both are same day. Muslims celebrate very peaceful and they offering namaz in this festival and his prophet was merciful. twelfth Rabi ul Awal 2020-21 – Eid Milad un Nabi 2020-21 will tentatively be found on 18-Oct-2020, Sunday, 1-Rabi al-awwal-1442. 19-Oct-2020, Monday, 2-Rabi al-awwal-1442. 20-Oct- … 29-Oct-2020, Thursday, 12Rabi al-awwal-1442. 30-Oct- …                        

Rahmaton ki hai Ye raat…
       Allah ko Rajee karwalo is raat..
Allah him sab ki gunaho maaf Kar de..
           Aaap ki dua qabul is raat me…
Eid Miladun-un Nabi  shayari
Rahmaton ki hai yeh raat
Rahmaton ki hai yeh raat
Namazon ka rakhye ga sath
Manwa li jia Rab sa har bat
Duao mai rakhiya ga hum ko Yad
Mubarak ho ap 12 Rabi-ul-Awal ki yeh rat.
Duniya ke Har Fizza Me
Ujala Rashool ka hai
Ye Sari Kainat hai Sadka Rashool ka
Khushboo Gulab hai Pasina Aka ka
Mubarak ho mahina Rashool ka…..

I really like YOU” Allah Sy Kaho! . “I leave out YOU” Namaz Sy Kaho! . “I agree with YOU” Quran Sy Kaho! . “I consider YOU” Rasool Sy Kaho! . “I HATE YOU” Gunah Sy Kaho! . “i’m MUSLIM” Fakhar Sy Kaho! . “Namaz Qaim Kro” . “Sub Sy Kaho* 12 RABI-U-L AWAL* Mubarak ho.


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